2020 Mission Trip

This summer we are looking at going to Anchorage, Alaska!

Who we are going through!

We would be going through Thirst Mission! For more information about them, please click the link!


Why Alaska?

Being the largest state in the US. Alaska is a beautiful wild area. Inside all of this beauty, Alaska is home to a lot of hurt. Alaska leads the country in suicide. From 2012 to 2017, 1,103 people committed suicide. Making the annual suicide rate 29.2 people for every 100,000 age 10 or older. This is a hurt that we simply cannot ignore. There are thousands of hurting people in Alaska, and we as the church need to go to them! We would be focusing on reaching out to these hurting people!

When and how much?

When are looking at going from July 6th-11th! The total cost will be around $2,000. This would include the cost of a plane ticket. I would be around a 9 hour flight to get to Alaska!